Cellulite and Qwo

Cellulite and Qwo Health treatment in Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida

One of the best parts of practicing medicine is introducing my patients to new, effective treatments.

Sometimes there are groundbreaking treatments for dire ailments—the sorts of miracles medical professionals dream of sharing with their stricken patients.

But the medical industry also makes headway in treating everyday conditions that people have otherwise been told they just “have to live with it.” And while these conditions might be considered relatively “minor,” new, effect treatments for them can be life-changing in their own way.

In this case, I’m excited to share a fantastic new treatment for cellulite.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a very common condition that plagues many people, especially women. Cellulite makes the skin look dimpled or bumpy. You typically see it around the thighs and buttocks, but it can also appear on the breasts and upper arms.

Cellulite is caused by the way fat and connective tissue under the skin push and pull in opposite directions. The underlying causes aren’t known, but hormones and genetics can play a role.

Cosmetic Issues Are Still Health Issues

Cellulite is typically considered a cosmetic issue. But that’s no reason to dismiss it. Cosmetic issues can be linked to very real psychological distress.

While I would never want to cause anyone to feel shame about the appearance of their body, I do want to validate people who are troubled by cosmetic issues.

And now, in addition to validating people’s concerns about cellulite, I can also offer them a treatment.

What is Qwo?

I have recently begun offering Qwo, the first and only FDA-approved injectable for moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks. I’m delighted by the results.

A typical Qwo treatment involves three injections, each performed three weeks apart. You’ll see results in about 10 weeks.

How does Qwo work?

Qwo is made up of enzymes that target the dual causes of cellulite: It works to loosen those fibrous bands that are pulling parts of the skin inward. It also redistributes fat cells for a more even appearance.

Is Qwo right for you?

There are a lot of factors to consider before starting a Qwo treatment regimen. As with any medical procedure—especially one that involves injections—Qwo needs to be administered by a medical professional, and only after a thorough patient examination.

I’m happy to start the conversation with you today.

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