Kybella for Destroying Fat: Customized Treatment Plans in Bradenton

Kybella for Destroying Fat Customized Treatment Plans in Bradenton

If you have stubborn areas of fat that just won’t go away no matter what you do, then Kybella may be the solution for you. Bradenton Kybella treatments can permanently dissolve fat that doesn’t respond to diet or exercise, and Bradenton Kybella treatment by Dr. Pamela Chapman is FDA approved for submental fat (the double chin) region.

What is Kybella?

Kybella® is a prescription medicine that contains deoxycholic acid and works by melting away fat. Kybella® injections are given as a series of treatments – typically three to six – and the number of treatments you need will vary depending on your body type and how many regions you want to treat with Kybella®.

Kybella® has been clinically studied for safety and effectiveness in people 18-65 years of age with moderate to severe submental fullness (double chin).

Kybella® is used to treat unwanted fullness under the chin, including a “double chin”. Kybella® does not remove fat from your body, when injected into the chin, deoxycholic acid does its thing, destroying fat cells so they can no longer store fat. The destroyed fat cells are then flushed away by the body, processed by the lymphatic system, and eliminated. Kybella may only be injected by or performed by a trained healthcare professional, like Dr. Chapman at The Beauty and Wellness Institute. Kybella® Treatment For Double Chin is FDA approved but Dr. Chapman can use it for other areas of the face or even larger regions like the stomach, bra fat, inner thighs, etc…

Dr. Chapman performs Bradenton Kybella Treatments in Our Bradenton Office!

Dr. Chapman performs Bradenton Kybella treatments in our Bradenton office, which is currently located at 5861 Cortez Rd W, Bradenton, FL 34210, however, after November 11th, 2021, the new location will be 6114 Manatee Ave West, Bradenton 34209!

At The Beauty and Wellness Institute, we like to start with one treatment then re-evaluate after that initial session before deciding if additional injections are needed. The number of Bradenton Kybella treatments you need will vary depending on how much submental fat you have and where your body stores it most visibly – either under the chin, along jawlines/neck border areas. Bradenton Kybella Treatment by The Beauty and Wellness Institue and Dr. Pamela Chapman is FDA-approved for submental fat (double chin) and may also be used to treat bra line areas, inner thighs, stomach, etc…

Since everyone’s body is different, Dr. Chapman will do a personalized assessment to determine the number of treatments you may need to achieve your desired results. For best results, Bradenton Kybella treatment sessions should be given 6 weeks apart for up to 6 total injections.

In Conclusion

Dr. Pamela Chapman specializes in injectable cosmetic procedures. By subtly enhancing your unique facial contours and anatomy, Dr. Chapman will customize a plan to reach your beauty goals. Bradenton Kybella treatment is one of her specialties. Schedule a consultation with one of Bradenton’s top Doctors today!

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