Medical Weight Loss Program

Our Non-Surgical Weight Loss Program

At The Beauty and Wellness Institute, we understand that each individual’s weight loss journey is unique. Stop getting frustrated with fad diets and exercise programs marketed to the masses. Our non-surgical medical weight loss program is designed to create support and structure specifically for YOU.

What’s included in the Program:

  • Initial one-on-one physician visit with Dr. Chapman to review your health and weight loss goals, current lifestyle habits, and advanced metabolic testing.
  • Weekly follow-up visits with our team are required for at least the first six weeks for support and accountability.
  • Exclusive Lipotropic Injections, Supplements, and Medication (when indicated) are available as part of your personalized program.
  • Nutrition guidance based on evidence-based Functional Medicine Nutrition Protocols.
  • Follow up with Dr. Chapman at six weeks to adjust your program based on your needs and results.
Medical Weight Loss in Bradenton, Florida