Sarasota Genetic Testing for Optimal Health

Sarasota Genetic Testing for Optimal Health

We can follow general health guidelines all we want, but we cannot escape our own bodies. Ultimately, our health comes down to what our genes have given us.

That’s why, when it comes to optimizing our health, it can really help to know exactly what those genes are. This is why I’m happy to offer Sarasota genetic testing to my patients.

These tests should not be mistaken for cure-alls, and medical science can only do so much. But in some cases it can be a great help—and a great relief—to see our genetic tendencies. Often, this will help us take actions that we know coincide with our body’s genetic makeup.

Your body is unique. Your health plan should be, too.

Genetic testing can point us in the right direction and reassure us that we’re not doing anything wrong to cause certain conditions. We’re born this way.

How Does Genetic Testing Work?

My Sarasota genetic test can be taken through a simple, thorough cheek swab in your own home. It takes all of two minutes to complete.

I and my genetic testing partner company follow strict HIPAA laws in order to ensure absolute security of your medical information.

What Will Genetic Testing Tell Me?

Genetic testing isn’t magic. It can’t predict the future. But genetic testing can give you precise insight into your body’s distinct characteristics, tolerances, and processes.

For instance, genetic testing can give you an idea of your body’s ideal weight, as well as the kinds of fitness that will have the greatest effects. Your body might resist fat loss during aerobic exercise. You might be able to practice extensive strength training with no fear of gaining bulk.

You might gain insight into your body’s tendencies toward high blood pressure or cholesterol or even your hormones.

Even if you’re not experiencing any symptoms or issues regarding these characteristics, you can begin to plan preventative measures that will make a great impact on your health as you age.

What Makes My Sarasota Genetic Testing Different?

I partner with a genetic testing company that works not only to map your genes, but to explain precisely what these maps mean. I’m one of only 1,000 physician partners worldwide.

Additionally, my partners take physician-guided science into their company practices. Together, we start with medical science and move forward with medical science as our guide.

As a Sarasota physician, I work locally, on an individual, one-on-one basis, taking into account history, location, lifestyle and, of course, physical characteristics. So when it comes to Sarasota genetic testing, this means providing patients with answers about their own bodies that they may have been waiting their whole lives to discover.

Ultimately, providing information and solutions to every individual patient is what my medical practice is all about. So genetic testing is just one more tool in my doctor’s toolkit.

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